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Health care

Title:   Best Practices for Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs
  Order #:   BK153
  Description:   This book is a starting point for minimizing worker exposure to hazardous drugs, including how to perform a risk assessment. Examples of best practices are given for a number of areas, including shipping, pharmacy, administration, home care and veterinarian practices.
      (PDF 836kb)
Title:   Be Sure... Be Safe
  Order #:   BK121
  Description:   Safety in the Healthcare Workplace: Discussion Guide
WorkSafeBC presents three new videos illustrating the hazards of working alone in the community with aggressive and potentially violent patients, patient-handling activities, and needle use, each one portraying situations that care workers may encounter on the job. This guide is meant as a tool to promote discussion about the situations in the videos, and those workers face on a daily basis.
      (PDF 2.4mb)
Title:   Controlling Exposure: Protecting Workers from Infectious Disease
  Order #:   BK129
  Description:   Changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in British Columbia have expanded the regulatory requirements for infectious diseases beyond blood and body fluids. Preventive action is now required for any infectious disease that is found in the workplace and may pose a risk to workers. Workers in healthcare are at greater risk of exposure to infectious diseases; however, the information in this publication is relevant to every industry in B.C.

This book describes common infectious diseases and how they are spread, and explains how to protect workers from exposure to infectious diseases. This book replaces the older publication HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B and C: Preventing Exposure at Work (BK38).
      (PDF 1.9mb)
Title:   Dealing with "Latex Allergies" at Work
  Order #:   BK2
  Description:   The information in this booklet applies to a wide range of jobs with exposure to rubber products. This booklet explains the health problems that may be caused by using rubber products; the natural rubber latex protein allergy, which may cause severe health problems; and sources of information on "latex allergies."
      (PDF 550kb)
Title:   Dementia: Understanding Risks and Preventing Violence
  Order #:   BK125
  Description:   This book provides information on how clinical care approaches and interventions can prevent or minimize the risk of worker injury when caring for people with dementia. It also provides a framework for how to incorporate the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation into clinical care, to eliminate or minimize the risk of worker exposure to violence.
      (PDF 957kb)
Title:   Handle with Care: Patient Handling and the Application of Ergonomics (MSI) Requirements
  Order #:   BK79
  Description:   This 111-page publication discusses how to implement a "no lift" approach to patient handling in the health care sector.
Title:   Home and Community Health Worker Handbook
  Order #:   BK104

Handbook for workers in the field of home and community health care. It will help you:

  • Identify the types of activities that put you at risk of injury and illness
  • Prevent injuries and illnesses
  • Know what to do if you are hurt or ill
  • Know your workplace rights and responsibilities
  • Know where to find more information
      (PDF 747kb)
Title:   Make Your Home Safer for Care Workers
  Order #:   PH94
  Description:   This pamphlet is for agencies providing care in people's homes to give their clients before the first visit by a care worker. It outlines what clients must do to make their homes safe for care workers. Additionally, the pamphlet's back panel has space for agencies to stamp their own contact information.
      (PDF 389kb)
Title:   Patient Handling in Small Facilities: A Companion Guide to Handle with Care
  Order #:   BK100
  Description:   This handbook illustrates how small facilities within the health care sector can apply WorkSafeBC's Ergonomics (MSI) Requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to their own facility by acting as a guide through the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling the risks of musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) for patient handling.
      (PDF 432kb)
Title:   Preventing Violence in Health Care: Five Steps to an Effective Program
  Order #:   BK34
  Description:   This manual will help health care employers to develop, implement, and review violence prevention programs. It presents a generic five-step model and offers tools such as checklists and forms that can be adapted for use inw hospitals, long-term care facilities, group homes, public health units, dental or medical facilities, and community settings.
      (PDF 670kb)
Title:   Psychological Assessment
  Order #:   CM064
  Description:   This WorkSafeBC document illustrates why a psychological assessment is necessary after a worker is injured.  The document answers the questions of why do workers need a psychological assessment, and what to expect during the assessment. It also explains privacy and confidentiality.
      (PDF 118kb)
Title:   Psychological Treatment
  Order #:   CM065
  Description:   This WorkSafeBC document illustrates why psychological treatment may be necessary after a worker is injured.  The document answers the questions of who provides psychological treatment, what to expect during the first visit, and what happens during subsequent sessions. It also explains privacy and confidentiality.
      (PDF 112kb)
Title:   Supervision in Health Care: Know Your Responsibilities
  Order #:   BK23
  Description:   This booklet is a discussion guide to accompany the Supervision in Health Care video series. The four videos are intended to raise awareness and generate discussion about the roles and responsibilities of supervisors in preventing injury to health care workers. The discussion guide contains additional information on the various topics and suggested discussion points for each video.
      (PDF 347kb)
Title:   Take Care of Yourself and Others: Safety videos for Care Workers NEW
  Order #:   BK136
  Description:   This discussion guide supports three videos that cover the use of ceiling lifts, two-person care plans needs a planned approach, and the importance of handwashing to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. While not comprehensive, these videos are intended to raise initial awareness of hazards in the workplace. The guide contains additional information about each topic and discussion points to engage viewers in further sharing of information.
      (PDF 1.8mb)
Title:   Working with Dementia: Safe Work Practices for Caregivers
  Order #:   BK130
  Description:   Working with Dementia: Discussion Guide
Description: The video consists of a series of modules that describe how to care for people with dementia. The introductory module provides general information on dementia. The remaining modules use enactments to portray situations that caregivers may encounter when caring for a person with dementia. They show caregivers how to respond to similar situations in order to stay safe and support the person with dementia.
      (PDF 372kb)
Title:   Your Chiropractor and You New
  Order #:   PH72
  Description:   Working together to help you return to work
      (PDF 343kb) Also available in Punjabi, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.
Title:   Your Physiotherapist and You
  Order #:   PH27
  Description:   Working together to help you return to work
      (PDF 227kb) Also available in Punjabi, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.
Title:   Your Registered Massage Therapist and You New
  Order #:   PH81
  Description:   Working together to help you return to work
      (PDF 557kb)