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Title:   A Hantavirus Exposure Control Program for Employers and Workers
  Order #:   BK74
  Description:   This booklet is intended for employers and workers who may come into contact with rodents, or rodent droppings, while on the job. It contains guidelines for employers on preventing hantavirus infections and putting in place an exposure control program (ECP) to minimize potential worker exposure to rodents, or rodent droppings, contaminated with hantavirus. It also contains sample work procedures that employers can adapt to their specific work situations.
      (PDF 254kb)
Title:   A Manual on Splicing
  Order #:   BK31
  Description:   This manual contains simple how-to instructions for splicing on cable yarding systems. It also features information on creating the various splicing connections you need, along with special connections, such as Molly Hogans. Other subjects covered include special knots, general purpose knots, and threading procedures. This manual should be used as a training tool for the new worker and a reference guideline for the experienced splicer.
      (PDF 3.5mb)
Title:   BC Faller Training Standards, Part 1 (PDF 1.5mb) and Part 2 (PDF 1.3mb) Updated
  Order #:   BK96
  Description:   These pocket-size flip books update the old Fallers’ and Buckers’ Handbook. Useful for a new or experienced faller, forty sections provide information on clothing and personal protective equipment, protection from musculoskeletal injury, chainsaw maintenance, filing and handling information, crew transport, dangerous tree indicators, and procedures for dealing with various falling scenarios, alternative falling methods, limbing, adverse weather, bucking hazards and windthrow.
      Order this publication
Title:   Cable Yarding Systems Handbook
  Order #:   BK49
  Description:   A comprehensive reference handbook for cable log-harvesting systems used in B.C. The safe work procedures detailed in this handbook are applicable to both coastal and interior logging operations.
      (PDF 2.7mb)
  Title:   Final Report of the Forest Safety Task Force
  Description:   A report and action plan to eliminate deaths and serious injuries in British Columbia's forests.
      (PDF 1mb)
Title:   Grapple Yarder and Supersnorkel Handbook Updated
  Order #:   BK59
  Description:   A comprehensive instruction guide for this important mechanized segment of the logging industry.
      (PDF 3.3mb)
Title:   Helicopter Operations in the Forest Industry, Safe work practices for
  Order #:   BK13
  Description:   A comprehensive guide to proper planning of helicopter logging and related operations. This booklet can help employers, supervisors, and workers develop safe work procedures. It includes general helicopter logging safety, cedar block flying, and selective logging by helicopter. Descriptive graphics include hand signals and ground-to-air recognition patterns.
      (PDF 2mb)
Title:   Health and Safety for Articulated Rock Truck Owners and Driver
  Order #:   BK150
  Description:   The primary goal of this guide is to give inexperienced articulated rock truck (A.R.T.) owners and their drivers enough information to operate these machines and their systems properly and safely. Having properly trained operators will reduce and prevent driver injuries and fatalities. Order this publication.
      (PDF 745kb)
Title:   Preventing Tree Planting Injuries
  Order #:   BK73
  Description:   This booklet provides information on ways to prevent tree planting injuries by using good planting techniques, maintaining good physical fitness, and choosing an appropriate shovel.
      (PDF 469kb) Also available in French
Title:   Western Red Cedar Asthma
  Order #:   PH51
  Description:   A pamphlet that explains what occupational asthma is. This pamphlet also explains the symptoms of red cedar asthma, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated, who is susceptible to it, and how it can be prevented.
      (PDF 173kb)

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