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Keeping the roads safe for workers Mark Ordeman

Industry and Labour Services Manager Mark Ordeman is one of many WorkSafeBC staff members with specialized expertise that may be useful for your news stories.

Every year in B.C., 30 workers die in motor vehicle incidents (MVIs). From 2005 to 2009, WorkSafeBC accepted 6,129 claims related to MVIs, with 42 percent involving serious injuries.

Mark has spent the last decade working in road safety. Prior to coming to WorkSafeBC in 2009, he was manager of Road Safety for B.C.’s Police Services Division, where he oversaw initiatives including photo radar, roadside inspections, and counterattack programs.

Mark has expertise in:

  • Distracted driving issues
  • Roadside worker and traffic control person safety
  • Other risks associated with occupational driving


For more information on this expert, please contact:

Trish Knight Chernecki
Media Relations, WorkSafeBC
Tel: 604.232.5814
Cell: 778.871.5841